On IndigoSpeed Aluminum Flywheels

Honda Civic SOHC

$399 $159

Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD 6 Bolt Turbo $459 $249
Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD 7 Bolt Turbo $459 $249

Ford Focus

$459 $199


Subaru Imprezza

$459 $249


Subaru WRX

$459 $279


Dodge Neon 2.0L

$459 $199




Manufacturer of high performance of high quality aluminum flywheels for most import and domestic compact and sports cars,street cars or race cars. We specialize in high performance lightweight aluminum flywheels. We are involved in Import Drag Racing, SCCA , NASA, NHRA and SEMA. Our vast auto racing experience has given us the edge to build our performance products right the first time.


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